Is Royalens a reliable Online Website Service Provider?

Royalens has been working alongside clients from around the world while consistently delivering excellent service. Our portfolio speaks for itself.

Why should I choose Royalens over its competitors?

We consistently provide superior services for competitive prices when compared to similar companies. Excellent quality, services and prices... That is the Royalens advantage.

What if we are not located in the same country?

With today’s technology, there is no longer any need for client and customer to meet face-to-face. Everything, from building your project all the way to the billing process, can be done remotely via email, phone or Skype.

Is paying through your website safe?

Very. All of your payments will go through PayPal and 2checkout. These established payment collectors are safely used by millions around the world.

Does Royalens follow up on my website after building it?

Yes. We provide service continuity. Times are constantly and since internet browsers are constantly being updated, your website may require ongoing maintenance. We offer a Maintenance Contract, a yearly agreement which takes care of updates, maintenance and follow ups.

What kind of projects does Royalens take on?

Royalens is ready to take on projects of any size, from simple to complex and built from A to Z.

Do you provide Backup, Analytics and Advertising?

Royalens prides itself on offering a wealth of resources besides web design, development and mobile apps such as:

An advertising plan to increase your visibility and reach;
A corporate identity to give your brand the right personality;
An analytics system to track your statistics;
An online account to manage your bills;
UX / UI consultancy to allow smooth website flow and user-friendliness;
Design to HTML conversion to ensure smooth design translation;
Social media and apps to build a strong relationship with your clients;
Content creation and management to guarantee a strong online presence;
Copywriting to enrich your pictures with the right text;
Graphic design, animation and graphics to bring your ideas to life;
Back up options to store your data;
Maintenance to keep your website secure and up-to-date;
Interior Design to beautify your living space.