Web & Mobile Apps

Websites and mobile apps are quickly becoming essential to every business that wants to keep up with the trends. Our specialists can develop, design and cater to your web app developmental needs for Apple, Android and Windows devices. We can also design a game app if that is what you're looking for. Contact Royalens for a no-obligation proposal for your project.

Interior Design

The creative experts at Royalens likes to wear many hats. At Royalens, our love for beautiful design extends beyond creating websites. Looking to transform your living, office or restaurant space? Look no further! Our expertise in interior design includes sketching design drawings and supplying the labor to manifest this vision.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Endless text is boring and will push people away. Add a spark of life to your website with some action! Animation can present your product in a different light by showcasing its hidden talents and highlighting what makes it special.

Our experts can create hand-drawn illustrations as well as computer animation (HTML5 and After Effects). Need help determining which complements your project best? Contact Royalens for guidance.

Graphics Work

The interplay of logo, colors and atmosphere attached to your company define its personality or corporate identity. Whether you need a logo, a business card or typography that fits the mood, our design experts can design the ideal corporate identity to complement your needs.

Our creative designs will help you get your message across with style.

On Going Maintenance

Websites and apps need follow up to stay relevant. Royalens offers two maintenance options: a one-year contract or a pay-as-you-go option. Browsers and operating systems update their products regularly; we can help you keep up with these changes. Constant updates ensure to keep your website secure, bug-free and functioning at its optimum.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Work with a company that is totally committed to meeting your business objectives. At Royalens we believe that truly groundbreaking advertising is advertising that results in consistent and measurable success. No more. No less. Royalens’ proven 5-step process for getting results includes everything from researching your market and creating your strategy, ads and landing pages to analyzing the data to continually optimize the campaign for you.

SEO, Social Media & Advertising

If used properly, Search Engine Optimization and Social media presence can be a powerful tool for any company trying to grow and attract attention. Royalens provides social media management on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads and LinkedIn. We offer a full range of advertising solutions to market your company on these platforms and to ensure maximum visibility to the right audience.

Web Content

Our expert writers can take care of everything from writing blog articles and website effective text to managing content and entering data. We even provide update management for websites that require frequent content follow up.

UX / UI Consultancy

How does your website or app look and feel? How does it work? What is your client's overall experience with your product? Our experts design with User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) in mind. Ultimately, we create websites and apps that do not just look good – they are also intuitive and user-friendly.