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    Xoto ShowCase

    OUR CLIENT STORY My niece and I enjoy playing games every time she comes by for a visit. The idea struck me; we wanted to play a new game and tic- tac- toe came to mind. I thought of making my own version of it and so I started experimenting by drawing a square and […]

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    Spot Design ShowCase

    OUR CLIENT STORY I love design and fabrics, it is what I know best for many years! It has been my dream to create Spot Design; a furniture gallery which feels like home. Bringing elegance, simplicity and warmth to any home.   IT ALL START WITH A LOGO With our determination towards quality designs and […]

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    Beirut Art Film Festival ShowCase

    OUR CLIENT STORY Lebanon is a country built and inspired by many generations of various civilizations. The Art and Culture that they bring is so diverse and our client works hard to insure that the world sees it. Beirut Art Film Festival is a remarkable showcase of original films and documentaries which occurs once every […]

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    Studio Halloum Showcase

    OUR CLIENT STORY My camera is my eye. My memory is my photographs. If I have no photographs, I do not exist. With those words Studio Halloum started passionately, offering not just photography and video but spreading love and authenticity.   ITS ALL ABOUT YOU Though it all starts with a photography and video that […]

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