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    3 Best Examples of Negative Words, Power Words, and Positive Words for SEO

In the world of content marketing, keywords have remained the single most important factor for developing a successful SEO and Ads strategy.

While Google has been attempting to move towards user intent targeting by bypassing keywords, keywords still remain the sole means of reaching potential customers via search engines. These keywords include power words, positive words, and negative words.

There are hundreds of guides, YouTube tutorials, and classes on how to use and target the right keywords. However, advertisers still seem to neglect the importance of sentimental words for a successful PPC strategy.

In fact, a majority of the advertisers don’t even incorporate the use of sentimental words in their strategies.

And if you fall in this majority, this negligence might be costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. So let’s see what positive, negative, and power words are and how you can use them wisely to enhance your SEO strategy or maybe to increase your advertising campaign click through rate.

What Are Positive Words?

Positive words are the keywords that you use in your content that trigger your Ad generation. They entice users to click on your Ad in return for the charges for your Ad. You use these words to define where your Ads will appear. However, the more generalized your keywords are, the vaguer your strategy is.

Positive Words Examples

For instance, if you are a bridal boutique and you use the keyword “bridal dress” for your Ads, it will be too generalized because you will be creating Ads for a huge market.

A few examples of specific, precise, and well-defined positive words for the above-mentioned example include:

  • Adorable Bridal dresses
  • Awesome wedding dress boutique
  • The best elegant Bridal dress shop

So you would want to use focused and specific keywords that only represent the services/products you offer.

What Are Negative Words?

Negative words, or negative keywords, are a great way to keep your ad from being triggered by a specific keyword.

While picking the right keyword is important for targeting a certain persona, your keywords don’t really target user intent, which results in your ad being visible to users who aren’t even looking for your products/services.

Negative Words Examples

For instance, if you own a bridal dresses boutique, you will not want your ad on Google from being triggered to users searching for:

  • Can't find dress ideas. Click to find the best wedding dress ideas
  • Don't fall into these common dress design mistakes
  • Old bridal dresses design to skip

So you will need to add terms like these sentimental keywords when creating your Ads. You need to determine what not and what to target when creating your PPC strategy.

What Are Power Words?

Power words are used by copywriters and marketers to entice an emotional or psychological reaction.

As you can guess by their name, powerful words are either entire phrases or single words that persuade users to purchase products, join a subscription list, leave their contact info, or click on an area.

Power words are used in webpage headlines, email subject lines, landing pages, social media, and content marketing to improve conversion rates. They evoke certain emotions or trigger curiosity to make it impossible for visitors not to click.

Power Words Examples

For instance, you can use these powerful words to crank up your content marketing effectiveness:

  • Life-changing
  • Hilarious
  • Mistakes
  • Revealed
  • Proves
  • Ridiculous
  • Heartwarming
  • Profound
  • Luxurious
  • Huge
  • Swoon-worthy
  • Genius
  • Powerful


To ensure the success of any PPC strategy, you need to use a powerful mix of all these types of sentimental keywords. The right mix will get your ad directed towards the actual user who is looking for your products.

You can target real user intent by incorporating negative, positive words, and powerful words in your ads.

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