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07 Apr

Six Things to Know Before Investing into (CDP) Customer Data Platform

CDP customer data platform Integrating a customer data platform into your company operations can improve business performance and drive faster growth. There are a few things to know before investing in CDP, namely, what it is, how it helps businesses, and which options are available. A CDP customer data platform is a system that compiles […]

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30 Mar

Five Unknown Facts About Customer Relationship Management (CRM) In 2021

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a tool specifically designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers. It aims to deliver great customer service by investing time in the customer base and prospects. This helps them retain customers and increase their spending. Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that is important for any […]

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16 Mar

13 Ways to Get Painting Ideas from Nature and Everyday Life

Painting is an expressive art form, with artists finding multiple mediums and methods to create beautiful masterpieces. These can also include digital tools such as Procreate or Procreate alternative tools. That being said, even the best artists can face creative blocks where they run out of painting ideas. In such times, there are ways to […]

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08 Mar

Is Investing in Cryptocurrencies Still Worth It?

Digital currencies or crypto currencies built on top of block chain are the latest asset group that has gained popularity in terms of investments. From billionaires to new investors, investing in cryptocurrencies is something most people have considered at some point. However, before you make any big decision about investing in cryptocurrencies, it is important […]

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01 Jan

Top Tools to grow your business

Are you a new startup or an established business? Looking for ways to help you with your business positioning and productivity or simply you want to be able to simplify and manage your business better while you focus your time and efforts on growth and scaling. here are few of top tools to grow your […]

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26 Nov

How Does Content Marketing Help My Business?

As a business owner, you may be thinking of custom web development and web design or e-commerce website and you may be asking questions like “how can I grow my business online?” and “what’s the best way for marketing my business online and what is content marketing?” There is a lot of hype about content […]

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22 Oct

How Much Does a Logo Designer Charge?

Wondering how much does a logo designer charge? Without a logo, there is no brand. There’s no identity of a business. With a logo being the first thing potential customers spot when they browse for brands both online and in stores, it is essential that you invest in the services and know how much logo […]

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06 Oct

How to Design a Logo for Your Blog

Creative logo design for Your blog logo acts as the cornerstone for your brand’s identity. It conveys all that you want to tell about your values, your industry, your ideas, and your brand as a whole. Not only can you use your logo design to increase the awareness regarding your brand, but you can also […]

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02 Oct

How to Describe Logo Design

How to Describe a Logo Design Logo is an integral aspect of a business. It defines your business and helps your target audience recall you. For instance, you do not need to read the name of the drink Pepsi to know it is Pepsi, as the circle with the colors red, white, and blue are […]

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23 Apr

The importance of a responsive web design

Responsive Web Design – The importance of it Everywhere we go we hear about web design and about the importance Of it being responsive. But what exactly is a responsive web design \ mobile friendly website? A responsive web design is a website that is programmed to scale its content and elements accordingly with the […]

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18 Feb

Engaging the Eye Through Color

Engaging the Eye Through Color Humans are highly visual beings. Although we may take this for granted, colors play a major role in how we feel and evaluate stimulus that we encounter each and every day. In fact, how color affects people as individuals and within groups is known as color theory; a science in […]

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24 Jan

Robots That Can Read Your Mind

Mind Reading AI\Robots We already live in an age where technology is our lifeline and being apart from our devices is a disorienting experience for most. At this stage of the game, we still have some kind of control over our devices. However, try to imagine living in an age where artificial intelligence could read […]

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