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17 Dec

Top useful tools for designers, web designers & freelancers

Canva Canva.com has been dubbed “the easiest to use design program in the world” that enables practically anybody to become a designer. If you find design to be complicated, costly and simply inefficient, this website will strip the process down to render it simple again. What can you create, you ask? Your scope is open, […]

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05 Dec

Branding a powerful approach only few understand

Branding a powerful approach only few understand The power of social media in today’s world is beyond measures, and all brands no matter their size are prone to a direct or indirect effect from any media platform. Therefore, having a powerful brand image is key in the market. Branding exceeds a simple logo creation, it […]

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26 Nov

Decoding UX and UI: Beneath the Tech Jargon

  “What a great website! It had a memorable UX (User Experience)” “Yeah but the UI (User Interface) was poor…” “Wait, aren’t they the exact same thing?” In the tech world, few words contain as much controversy and confusion as UX (i.e. User Experience Design) and UI (i.e. User Interface Design). To the lay person, […]

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23 Nov

The do’s and don’ts of web design

The do’s and don’ts of web design Whether you have been in the market for years now, or you’re new to web design, you are very much aware that it can be an overwhelming task. As a designer your main focus would be design, a proper user experience and making sure users don’t bounce off […]

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19 Nov

How holograms can change the way we live and interact with designs

  Designing for Holograms In this topic we need to talk how will designers adapt designing for Holograms, and discuss if holograms are going to change the way we live and interact with designs, and how it will impact our lives. We need also to mention that Microsoft introduced HoloLens project and give and overview […]

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09 Nov

Top Design Books That Will Sharpen Your Eye and Broaden Your Mind

Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon This entertaining and inspiring book is a common sense manifesto for artists, designers (and everyone, really) on how to tap into their creative self. The idea behind it? “Nothing is original, so embrace influence, collect ideas, and remix and re-imagine to discover your own path”. This book will […]

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26 Oct

Artificial Intelligence: A Help or a Hindrance?

  All it takes is a touch of a button One or two generations ago, if you wanted a question answered or to know more about any topic under the sun, you would have to dig through a dense encyclopedia to find your answers. Today, all it takes is a touch of a button and […]

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25 Oct

Da Vinci’s Brilliance Still Lights Up the Path for Humanity

  Da Vinci studied the world with both sides of his brain Considered one of the most brilliant humans to have ever lived, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was born in 1452 in Vinci, Italy to a humble, if not an unfortunate, beginning. Born out of wedlock to a poor mother and abandoned by […]

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25 Oct

Golden Ratio: The Golden Bridge Between Logic and Creativity

This seemingly magical ratio can be found everywhere The average person thinks that science and the Arts have not a thing in common. That the beautiful and the logical are several galaxies apart. Let’s see how a beautiful number discovered centuries ago – yet still used today – bridged that gap. The Golden Ratio is […]

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