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    Branding a powerful approach only few understand

Branding a powerful approach only few understand

The power of social media in today’s world is beyond measures, and all brands no matter their size are prone to a direct or indirect effect from any media platform. Therefore, having a powerful brand image is key in the market.

Branding exceeds a simple logo creation, it goes beyond that to having consistency in communication through all platforms, online or offline tools, proper advertising and customer services that meets all the above.

Did you know that Colgate faced a huge obstacle at first in marketing themselves in Spanish speaking countries, as Colgate means “Kill yourself” in Spanish? Why let this happen to you? Therefore, in our below guide, we will highlight how build proper branding for your brand.

1-Know your audience

Before you set anything in your brand, you should know who you are talking to? Setting a specific audience will help you set proper messaging to meet their needs. This will help in your digital strategy, but also in your offline marketing strategy when creating ads and creatives.

2-Set a mission

What is your business actually providing? It is essential to set the value of your business by defining a purpose for it. This mission should be highlighted in your logo, your brand’s tonality and messages all over different platforms.

3-Differentiate yourself from competition

Study the competition, discover the brands that tried and failed, explore your industry’s success stories and make sure you deliver something additional. Let yourself stand out in the branding.

4-Invest in a logo

A designer will have the creativity it needs to reflect your brand’s purpose and mission. Therefore, make sure you invest time and money in a designer to build your business’s logo and create a unique identity that will meet all the several points you want to highlight. Be aware of your target audience’s culture, when it comes to the logo’s names, colors, fonts, imaging, etc.

5-Set your voice

A brand’s tonality is above all. After having set your audience, you will want to know how to talk to them. Finally, a brand’s voice can be professional, friendly, service oriented, technical, promotional or conversational among others.

How will you let your brand standout?

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