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    How holograms can change the way we live and interact with designs


Designing for Holograms

In this topic we need to talk how will designers adapt designing for Holograms, and discuss if holograms are going to change the way we live and interact with designs, and how it will impact our lives. We need also to mention that Microsoft introduced HoloLens project and give and overview about it and how this may change the future with a giant corporation such as Microsoft behind it. Lets also mention a bit in here about 7D Holograms and quick brief on how may this redefine reality.

Augmented reality renders the line between the real and digitized world slimmer than ever. Before that, the digital realm has been confined to the framework of the screen which displayed it: the boundaries were clearly-defined. With holographic technology, the distinction has become so blurred that one cannot help but wonder how to tell them apart.

Resurrecting Rappers

For a quick hit of pop culture, let’s see what have to do with the world of entertainment. Holograms have resurrected Tupac Shakur for a few hours in front of a mind-blown crowd. The hologram moved, sounded and behaved so much like the late singer that some conspiracy theorists went on to believe that the real 2Pac had never actually died.

“Snoop Dogg to the left and Tupac’s hologram to the right”

7D Hologram Show in Dubai Mall

A lucky handful experienced a fully-immersive experience including movement, lights and water during a 7D hologram show in Dubai. This experience truly pushed the limits of entertainment with a short film that projects these creatures with exceptional clarity.

Truly pushing the limits of entertainment, the video features simulations of astronauts, dinosaurs, a friendly dolphin splashing in the water and more oddities all realized with exceptional clarity.

An important distinction: this is not holographic technology. Nor are the simulations actually in 7D. What spectators are actually experiencing is a 3D image projected onto a curved 2D screen. This creates a spatial illusion i.e. an exciting new viewing experience. The inaccurate title of the show should be taken for what it is: a clever marketing move.

7D Hologram Show in Dubai: Watch

Live Augmented Reality-National Geographic: Watch

Microsoft Holo Lens Project

Microsoft has taken it a step further by making these holographic advances accessible to the average person.

Microsoft’s vision of augmented reality is currently the most sophisticated in the world. By wearing the HoloLens glasses (i.e. see-through holographic computer), expect your senses to be invaded by holograms that will seamlessly fit in with your reality.

All sorts of design professionals can use Microsoft HoloLens to create, manipulate and visualize high-definition 3D renderings in the real world. This allows designers to catapult their imagination beyond the screen and in front of their very eyes.

Microsoft calls this seamless transition a state of ‘mixed reality’. This revolutionary method of visualizing your work gives you to chance to go beyond 2D render and into the world of 3D prototyping. The option to collaborate remotely simplifies teamwork on a design project. This is especially useful for designers where showing a fleshed out version of your work proves far easier than trying to explain it.

Building the Future

Imagine rolling out a blueprint and, as soon as you unroll it, the buildings begin to pop up from the paper in front of your very eyes?

This architectural advancement has its ramifications for other disciplines, including design. To have the capacity to show design work in lifelike form as something that can be analyzed from every angle – how creatively beneficial that would be!

3D Digital Building Holograms: Know More


Let’s conclude this article with some food-for-thought by a NASA scientist with a particularly bizarre take on reality:

“A NASA scientist suggests you are living inside a hologram created by advanced alien species.

What if everything you have ever done or will do is simply the product of a highly-advanced computer code? Every relationship, every sentiment, every memory could have been generated by banks of supercomputers.”

We Are Living In A Hologram Designed By Aliens, Says NASA Scientist: Watch

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