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    How Does Content Marketing Help My Business?

As a business owner, you may be thinking of custom web development and web design or e-commerce website and you may be asking questions like “how can I grow my business online?” and “what’s the best way for marketing my business online and what is content marketing?”

There is a lot of hype about content marketing. But what do the numbers say? Is content marketing really all that great as it is cracked up to be?

This informative guide will show you the numbers and provide valuable insights so that you are better informed.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation of valuable content pertaining to your target audience’s topic of interest. Stimulating their interest in this way can induce them to buy related products and services from you. Here is how it works.

Suppose you sell computers and electronic items. You can generate content like video blogs, reviews, how-to guides and much more to target consumers who have an interest in these items. With valuable, engaging and informative content, you can stimulate keen interest and induce your audience to purchase computers and electronic items from you.

Thus, content marketing is about subtly engaging the target audience, winning their trust, building rapport and projecting a positive brand image. An important reason why content creation works so well is that, unlike ads, it does not sell directly. Instead, it slowly and gradually develops interest to the point where consumers are actually serious about buying from you. Therefore, with content marketing, you can convert the average enthusiast into a well-paying and loyal customer.

Content marketing can also help you to provide effective branding for your business. You can display all brand elements on your website, communicate your core values and project your brand DNA in the best possible way with content marketing.

So if you are wondering ‘how can I grow my business online?’ you should look towards content creation. A smart and comprehensive content creation strategy can help you to expand your market share, drive leads to your website and increase revenue.

Does Content Marketing Work for Business?

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You deserve to know how effective content marketing is before investing in it.

The internet has emerged as a rich avenue for engaging prospects, promoting your brand and making online sales. Almost everyone these days is using the internet for conducting research before finalizing their purchase. Consumers all over the world use the internet to learn more about products and brands. Thus, there is a massive demand for informative content that can help these prospects make an informed choice.

80% of consumers want to know more about brands through online content. 70% of people prefer understanding your brand through content instead of ads. The truth is all too clear. People overwhelmingly want content, not ads. An online marketing strategy without content is not optimal. Ads alone will not work. Content is the need of the hour.

For online digital marketing, there is no way around content marketing. If you are thinking that you can gain easy traffic through online ads, then think again. Around a quarter of all internet users have deployed ad blockers to avoid ads. Thus, you instantly lose a huge chunk of internet traffic by focusing only on ads. Plus, the statistics show that ad blocker usage is steadily increasing. The truth is that no one likes annoying and pesky online ads. You are better off engaging prospects through content instead of ads.

Business is all about serving customers and fulfilling all of their wants. As all entrepreneurs know, the customer is always right. Thus, when consumers demand content, you have to provide it. There should be no confusion over whether or not content creation is imperative. Content is the need of the hour.

So now that you know about the importance of content, here is the next query: how well does it work and what are its benefits in practice?

Benefits of Content Marketing

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The benefits of content marketing are plenty to say the least.

Top market research firm Aberdeen found in one survey that content leaders enjoyed over 7 times annual growth rate compared to nonleading firms. That is, brands that lead content marketing in their field enjoyed an average annual growth of 19.7% whereas brands that did not lead in content marketing had an annual growth rate of just 2.5% on average.

By 2026, the size of the content marketing industry is projected to be worth over a $100 billion.  Content marketing is a key strategy for 86 percent of B2C companies and 91 percent of B2B companies. Thus, content creation is a prime dimension of online marketing.

Siege Media reports that over half of businesses plan to boost investment on content marketing.

Everyone else is doing it. So, if you do not use content marketing, you will be left behind, and your competitors will have the edge over you. Obviously, content marketing enjoys widespread use because it produces tangible results. Foregoing content is equivalent to surrendering substantial market share and revenue. Content marketing works and that’s why businesses intend to increase their investment on this lucrative marketing avenue.

The power of content creation means that it is the top priority for over half of all marketers. An overwhelming 72% of marketers agree that content generates more leads and drives engagement.

To say that content marketing is economical and cost effective would be an understatement. Content marketing has the power to generate up to 3 times as many leads than conventional marketing tactics. Thus, content marketing has a great potential to provide a lucrative ROI on your marketing budget.

But content marketing is more than just driving extra traffic to your website. All that traffic would be of no use if you cannot convert it. So, does content marketing help to increase conversions? It sure does! A robust content marketing strategy can boost conversion rates by as much as 6 times. Clearly, brands that choose to go without content are missing out on a lot of revenue. The biggest and most successful multinational brands are hence spending more on content marketing than traditional advertising. Coca Cola for example, is spending more on content marketing than TV ads.

To eschew content is to forego revenue, lose valuable leads and give competitors a decisive edge over your business. It would be a pity to miss out on the numerous benefits of content marketing.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is of paramount importance for SEO. In fact, the purpose of SEO is to take your content to the top of Google search results. But for your content to make it to the top, it should be outstanding. Content par excellence is a vital ingredient of your SEO campaign. It is not possible to rank high with subpar content. Thus, stellar content should be on the top of the agenda for successful SEO.

So if you are asking ‘what should I do for marketing my business online or my e-commerce website business?’ you should think content and SEO.

Content creation together with a strong SEO strategy can help your business to rank high on Google search results for the most popular keywords. This is not an option. It is mandatory for your business to rank high if you want to attract substantial traffic.

Did you know that the first page of Google search results gets an overwhelming 95% of web traffic? From this, it is clear that if you do not rank in the top 10, there is little hope for gaining valuable leads.

Therefore, SEO together with content creation is paramount for marketing your business online and grow your e-commerce website to draw visitors to your business website.

Web Development and Web Design for Business – Do You Need It?

Is it important to have a website for your business?

No matter what your line of business, you can always benefit from a website. A website is your online portal for reaching out to your targets and engaging them effectively.

You are now well-versed with how content marketing and SEO can create tremendous value for business. But to put it into practice, you will ultimately need a website. Running a business these days without a website is unthinkable.

Your website can serve as a platform for your content marketing strategy, help you to gain online visitors and convert them into loyal customers.

How can custom web development and web design help my business? In more ways than you think! Whether you are an e-commerce website business or a brick and mortar retailer, you definitely have the need for expert custom web development and web design.

Did you know that expert web development is absolutely imperative for SEO success so you can focus on your e-commerce website business? A quick loading site that is highly responsive and easy to navigate can make all the difference. A fast website can make or break your content strategy and SEO.

Just think – how many people these days have the patience to put up with an excruciatingly slow loading website? Far less than you think! Here are some eye-opening numbers.

Google takes strong note of webpage loading times and subsequent bounce rates. The search engine giant focuses on how long visitors remain on your website. Thus, if most visitors storm out of your site within a few seconds, you can say goodbye to SEO. Google will make sure that you rank well – from the bottom, that is.

So how can custom web development and web design help my e-commerce website business? With expert web development and web design, you will have a fast, efficient and intuitive website that will motivate your customers to keep returning. It is imperative for the success of your SEO and content strategy. What’s more, Google will be happy and rank you higher.

Top 3 Marketing Tips to Drive Web Traffic

Thinking about ‘how can I grow my e-commerce website business online?’ Here are the top 3 tips to increase web traffic.

Social Media Posts – you should target social media channels since they have huge web traffic and are a rich avenue for prospects. You should target demographics according to their preferences and lifestyles, while creating content accordingly. You can gain a massive influx of visitors to your website by posting meaningful content on social media.

On Page SEO – simple on page SEO tactics like catchy headlines and meta descriptions can work wonders for your content marketing strategy. Even great content needs enticing headlines to allure web users and grow your e-commerce website. You should also use keywords in your headlines as well as content body as naturally as possible. Keyword stuffing will not help.

Rich Multimedia – you should use vivid images and vibrant videos to bolster the appeal of your website. With mundane looking text, people will not stick around for too long. Use content forms like infographics and long form content to provide relevant information that will win trust and project you as the thought leader in your industry.


We can implement several other tried and tested tips to boost your web traffic!

Whether it is digital marketing or custom web development and web design, we can provide the full range of services to successfully market your business. Feel free to reach out to us and understand how we can help you with content strategy, SEO, e-commerce business website, custom web development and web design.

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