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    How to Design a Logo for Your Blog

Your blog logo acts as the cornerstone for your brand’s identity. It conveys all that you want to tell about your values, your industry, your ideas, and your brand as a whole. Not only can you use your logo design to increase the awareness regarding your brand, but you can also use it to convert a first-time visitor into a regular customer.

The online business industry around the globe is flourishing and we are seeing numerous advancements in this regard. Blogs are part of this industry as well, and many organizations have made their own blog pages. Additionally, many individuals are running blogging websites and using their content to update their viewers.

Companies that operate as purely blogs will want to have a solid brand presence because their business is online and they’re not offering any physical products.

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The Functions of a Blog Logo

Before we delve deep into what is required of you to create a logo for your blog, we will first look at the functions that a blog logo has. Essentially, you blog logo:

  • Is the key element that defines your corporate identity in the online world. It works as a good way to exude the vibrancy you would want to associate with your blog.
  • Plays a crucial role in increasing your brand’s awareness. Not only does it improve the image of your company, but it also works toward making your blog popular.
  • Makes sure that customers are able to associate with your brand and can recognize the articles and content shared from your blogs on different social media platforms.
  • Makes your brand even more popular and remarkable. A good logo can help you stand out from the rest.

Signs of a High-Quality Logo

A well-designed logo for your brand should have the following features:


The fonts you select for your logo should be extremely easy to read. Most brands fall for the attraction and promise of funky fonts and end up compromising on readability. Have you ever seen the logo for Amazon? It is quite simple in design and extremely easy to identify.

You can design a simple, yet effective brand logo by keeping the fonts simple and the text readable. Your customers would want to be able to read the logo easily without forcing themselves to make sense of what is written. You might want to avoid any intricate or complex typography here as that may compromise the readability of your website. Go for a font that isn’t overly simple, but doesn’t impair the readability score either.


Uniqueness is the most important part of creating a good blog logo. The logo for your blog should be unique and easily distinctive. You might have to run an extensive marketing campaign here to make sure that your logo is truly unique and stands out among the lot.

Make the logo an asset for your business that brings in more revenue and traffic to your online blog.


Keep the fascinating trends out of your mind when you are creating logos. You would want to go for a logo that looks the same even after some years or so.

Trends can fade away and leave you with an awkwardly designed logo. What you can do is create a logo that stays both relevant and modern during the years to come.

Choosing the Colors for your Logo

Coming to the actual process for designing, you need to start by choosing the right colors for your logo. The colors for your logo will determine how the people around you will perceive the logo. Red is often associated with a lot of emotions, including danger and aggression, while the colors white, blue, grey, and black have their own meanings attached to them.

You can study color psychology here to know more about the importance of color in logos, and how it can impact your choice.

Also, try to study the audience that you will be targeting before choosing the color for the logo. You would want to have a basic idea of the preferences that your audience has as that would help you hit a home run.

The color should also be dependent on the shape of the logo. Let’s say that you want to go for an all-red logo, but if you have multiple shapes in your logo, then you would want to add another color as well. Keep the process simple and don’t overburden yourself. You can also check our article on how to describe logo design

Choosing the Font

The font is an integral part of your logo, and it is responsible for setting the impression for your brand, alongside the colors that you have. A poorly designed font can take away the spark from your logo and make it less impressive than what it can be.

The font should also go well with the type of content that you have on your blog. If you’re writing for children, make sure that the font is a bit funky, as children don’t like basic fonts.

Placing the Logo

Placing the logo at the right position is one detail that troubles bloggers. Well, you have a good logo on your hands, but how do you achieve maximum prominence. Do you put it on the header of your website? How frequent does the logo have to be across the home page? Do you use shades that match with the logo? Once you have answered all of these questions, you can make sure that the logo is well-placed and in coherence with the design of your website.

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