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    HR Process for Automation and Importance of HR in Tech – Use of Technology in HRM

Importance of HR Process for Automation

Our lives are now more intertwined with technology than ever before. It’s quite astonishing what technology and development in HRM can do and how it can transform things in a positive way. It has its negatives as well as positives, but in this article we are going to talk about the positive aspects of this rise, particularly with regards to the use of technology in HRM.

HR tech services have advanced to a level that used to be unprecedented to the point that HR in tech is a necessity and not just an option. HR process for automation involves use of technology in HR that can take recruitment to the next level. Appical and especially Appical onboarding stands out in this regard.

That’s because today HR understands that it’s not always about degrees, and if you give someone without a degree a chance, it doesn’t mean that you are not giving a chance to those who worked hard to earn one. Instead, you gave that person without a degree a chance based on your belief that someone has more to offer to the company. HR tech services take misunderstandings out of that decision. It is where use of technology in HRM thrives.

We don’t learn how to create a vision at schools and university. We form our vision based on that single person or few people that are focused on ideas that solve problems.

For example, Facebook was made by a dropout, Microsoft was made by a dropout, Oracle was made by a dropout and Apple was made by a dropout. None of those founders were college graduates. They just had a solid vision. So when it comes to recruiting, you need someone that shares your company vision and sees the big picture, so that he/she can help your company go further. HR process for automation can be used for this to increase use of technology in HRM.

Each employee has a specific role and function. While HR used to solely focus on degrees, today, skills are what they look for along with accountable ethical behavior.

You should hire someone who has a genuine story to tell, which can also be verified. But how we verify that story is a totally different thing. This is where use of technology in hrm can work.

Today, companies and human resources need to focus more on building a culture in the work space, making employees feel like they belong, encourage them to share their opinion and to vote on specific things in the company.

Long term success is dependent on feedback and use of technology in HR. So encourage your employees and allow them to suggest ideas that could help the company better and let them vote on that. Plus, reward them afterwards if their suggestions actually helped the company.

Leaders see the big picture – managers and micromanagers focus on day to day operations. Employees follow both their leads. However, only a few of your employees see something that the leaders couldn’t see and offer you an opinion that can help your company get to the next level.

This is important because when you have a company, you are not just involved in the selling process or making changes to the products before sale.  You also need to hire talent that can help you achieve your vision and improve HR process for automation. This is where use of technology in HRM can prove useful.


Importance of HR Process for Automation

So why not give them the opportunity to state their ideas and opinion via an app. Get employees and management to vote on it. This is where HR tech services or HR in tech come in. Make the dashboard of that app available to chair holders, managers and chiefs so that they can implement them in order to motivate employees and help the company culture grow. This way, you will be in a better position to harness the potential of your employees to take the organization to the next level with use of technology in HRM. HR in tech can pave the way to success.

Appical is a company that is making a change, and has a promising future. Located in the Netherlands, it is an onboarding platform which can be customized according to company preferences. However, how Appical is helping businesses is a different story and it all starts with the moment an employee joins your company via Appical onboarding.

So how did Appical do that? Well, they created a platform and app which makes information available to your employees as and when needed. That invaluable information motivates new and existing employees by showing them that they belong and by guiding them in minutes, via Appical onboarding. It is HR process for automation at its finest.

So imagine a new hired employee joins the company, the employee accesses the platform from a mobile app made by Appical. Through Appical onboarding they find out the number of employees in the company, the names and posts of their colleagues, where the departments are located in the company, where the cafeteria is located, the perks they get, quotes and advice, helpful tips etc. It is what HR in tech is best for.

use of technology in hrm


Companies using HR Process for Automation by using Appical

Here are some insights of what companies using Appical say about it:

1.Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is one of the top 10 accounting firms in the Netherlands. According to a customer of Appical, “from a warm welcome, to distributing information across the organization and imagining the positive impact this would leave on your employee, it allows employees and new hires to get to know each other better.”

Appical onboarding also makes it easy for companies like DPG media to engage with someone that has signed on, but is not yet an employee.

The company ensures higher employees engagement, gives an overview of the brand and its products and gives new employees a warm welcome at their department using Appical Onboarding. This shows how use of technology in HR is best used and how the use of technology in HRM can move mountains.

2.DPG Media

Lisa Gertsen, the Learning & Development Coordinator, oversees the complete DPG Media introduction program. She had shared this about working with Appical, “working with Appical ensures that new employees do not arrive completely clueless when they start at a new company. Extensive information is already shared through the app. This makes you feel like you already know DPG Media a bit, and you have a better idea of where you are going to work.”

3.Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes, a world leader in moving the financial industry forward by providing a new experience of credit insurance, says Appical:

  • Builds trust and alignment via a structured onboarding roadmap.
  • Is a fun way of onboarding as it increases eagerness and excitement of new employees.
  • Increases employee experience and maintains employee centricity.
  • Provides digital onboarding and supports the ‘learning anywhere & anytime’ approach.

Furthermore, Euler Hermes shared that of the 135 new hires that used the app, the onboarding platform scored…

  • 3 on usefulness.
  • 7 on how welcome they felt at Euler Hermes.
  • 1 as a good place to work.


Alison Hanson, Director at PepsiCo University, says, “we wanted it to be a great experience where everybody gets on the same page and has the same fundamentals.”

PepsiCo now sees onboarding is not just a way to efficiently get new employees into PepsiCo’s work stream, but also sees it as a way to retain newly acquired talent. It advocates the use of technology in HR.

PepsiCo users spend on average 9.25 hours on pre-boarding activities before their first day of work

Use of the videos, quizzes, drag and drop worksheets is tracked and progress can be measured to make sure that new employees are not left behind or rushing through their instructions.

The schedule also allows new employees to leave their desk, interact with their new managers and even visit distribution plants and go along on a ride with delivery drivers. It personifies use of technology in HRM.


Carl ZEISS has been providing solutions in the field of optics and opto-electronics for more than 170 years. A global leader in their field, AG Sasja Luijk HR Manager, ZEISS Benelux says, “we felt it was important to get feedback about our culture, development opportunities, the supervisor/management, the working conditions and about employee benefits.” Appical helped them in the following:

  • Onboarding employee journey.
  • Creating sections and blocks so that a departing employee is not inundated with all the information at once.
  • Gathering honest feedback from departing employees.
  • Providing feedback about topics that are not already preselected, resulting in more detailed information that the team uses to improve the employee experience and employee retention rate.

So what does this tell us?

Companies like Appical are creating a positive influence by transforming how Human Resources work. It proves that technology can be used to improve the employee journey within a company by making them feel welcomed and ensuring they know about the culture of the company before even joining up.

In other words, employees or potential hires can have a better idea on how well they can fit in a company. Technologies like Appical also enhance communication between colleagues and help companies in making stronger teams as a result. They have taken use of technology in HR to the next level.

This does not just stop here. Just imagine how tech companies can transform HR in the upcoming years, using the power of data and AI.  With the right solutions, companies can get more insights,, ensure a better employee experience in the future and as the machine learns in real time, it can offer better experiences and in-depth analysis. This way, organization can improve their work culture and ensure that their processes are always up to date and shared among their employees.

HR in tech and apps such as Appical can reduce employee turnover from companies by 20% as well. No company wants to lose good employees, but keeping track of hundreds of employees can be a challenge not everyone is capable of meeting. Applications such as Appical step in to fulfill this lack by helping them retain employees that bring value to the company.

Technology such as HR tech services can literally help you harness the power of your employees and make their experience with your company more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What is more, it can also be used to aid HR by enhancing recruitment strategies. Combine those two benefits and you can ultimately increase your ROI. This is understandable if you think about it. By ensuring your employees are happy and by introducing HR in tech you can ensure that they will make positive customer experiences a priority, which is only good for business.

How Crystal Knows HR Process for Automation

This is where Crystal Knows proves invaluable! As one of the best HR tech services, Crystal Knows is a tool that helps people interact and communicate with each other.

It does this by giving them insight into effective professional language skills (in person and in emails), helps them improve work relationships and streamlines the recruitment process. But, before we dive into the app, we need to understand its value from an HR and recruitment point of view. If you have ever built or managed a team over any set period of time, chances are you have had your fair share of bad hires. You may also have lost good employees to other companies who could have been excellent additions to yours.

You aren’t alone. Many recruiters and business owners such as yourself report similar experiences and like you, they also want to ensure their hiring decisions are spot on. Since recruitment is basically about bringing people together, strong emotions and stress are a given. With little information and time, you have to make critical decisions on behalf of people you have barely met.

Plus, each candidate has his/her own desires, motivations, personalities and other variables that can make your job more complex. This is why use of technology in HRM is so important.

The app’s AI is designed to predict a recruit’s personality by using DISC. The abbreviation classifies personalities in a few categories namely:

D – Dominance.

I – Influence.

S – Steadiness.

C – Conscientiousness.

According to Crystal Knows, each candidate has a primary DISC types. Here is how it is broken down:

D Personality Types

Dominant personality types are motivated when they are given control over their future. They also thrive if they can get concrete results and have an advantage over competitors. This personality type also communicates clearly.

I Personality Types

Influential personality types are motivated individuals who think out of the box and show excitement for the future. They are also very easy to talk to and quite expressive.

S Personality Types

Candidates who have a steady personality tend to prefer a secure work environment and communicate in a genuine and friendly way. They feel motivated to work hard if they know they are safe in a work environment.

C Personality Types

Conscientious personality types are problem solvers and are motivated by logic. They tend to prefer access to accurate and quality information that they can use to come to workable solutions. These candidates usually talk in a clipped or matter-of-fact manner.

In other words, Crystal Knows mines social media platforms for information and helps organizations determine how people communication and how they want to be communicated with in return. So it saves companies a lot of time and effort that may otherwise be wasted in recruiting unsuitable/flight risk employees.

However, the app can only access data that is currently on display. It mines data that the user has posted already or has been posted by others about them.

The aforementioned personality profiles are based on that information which is sourced from not only social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but also blogs and other content that mentions the candidate. It takes use of technology in HRM to the next level.

The app then matches the date with over 64 unique personality profiles. The sheer number of profiles allows recruiters to figure out not only how best to communicate with a candidates, but also the tone of voice they should use when they are trying to connect with them.

hr in tech

Personality Email Checker as HR Process for Automation

However, what makes the app really stand out compared to other personality checkers out there is its ‘personality spell checker.’  Available in the form of a Gmail extension, this tool evaluates emails as they are written. It does this by highlighting words that are unsuitable to the personality profile of the recipient and also suggests more suitable phrasing as well.

For example, it can advise you to say ‘Hi’ rather than more formal ‘Hello’ to a S personality type and add friendly one liners such as ‘hope you are doing well’ to make them feel more comfortable. In fact, the tools can also give you hints on what comes naturally to recipient and what he/she finds uncomfortable. For example, some may not understand spreadsheets while others may prefer them.

The main goal of the people behind Crystal Knows is to apply web crawlers to the algorithm. It may seem counterproductive for a personality profiler that promotes a subjective approach to recruitment, but it can actually help recruiters refine their strategies further. It can take HR process for automation to the next level and make use of technology in HRM easier.

Conclusion about hr process for automation

Today, the importance of fostering empathy during recruitment is more important than ever before. It can make the difference between a job recruitment email that is read and one that ends up in the trash.

In fact, personality profilers such as Crystal Knows can also pave the way towards better in-house communication and business practices. With time, these tools and HR in tech will allow companies to reduce misunderstandings, petty fights and other issues that can put the brakes on productivity and cooperation. With time, use of technology in HRM\hr in tech will become second nature to companies.

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