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    Metaverse Technology | Future of Digitalization

What is metaverse, and why is Meta Verse technology – metaverse Facebook and Roblox Gucci – called the next frontier of digital titans? Metaverse is a combination of “meta”, which means beyond and “verse”, referring to the universe. Neal Stephenson first coined a renowned writer in Snow Crash – a 1993 dystopian novel. The book used to term “metaverse” to describe a fictional digital environment where people interacted as avatars. Today, tech organizations use metaverse technology to describe what comes after the World Wide Web, which may or may not be augmented reality, and VR – Virtual Reality glasses.

The metaverse is an embodiment of the internet, and you will be walking inside it rather than looking at the screen from the outside. This digital realm isn’t limited to mobile phones or other electronic devices, but it will be free cyberspace where avatars can maneuver and interact with people from all over the world from their rooms. Sounds amazing, right? Keep reading to learn more about what is metaverse (meaning of metaverse), metaverse facebook and Roblox Gucci.

What Is Metaverse Technology?

So, what is Metaverse? Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms, you should be able to enter the metaverse by logging on to the internet. The only difference will be that you will need to use a head-mounted display such as VR goggles to view the contents and motion tracking instead of the screen.

Like no organization to date owns the internet, it seems impossible that there will be a single metaverse or owner of the tech universe. Therefore, it is possible that the organizations might try to monopolize their metaverses respective of their nature. For example, like the functionality of apps, the e-commerce firms could have the operations of shopping carts, subscriptions and advertising in their respective digital space.

Now that you know what is metaverse and how it works, here’s what you should expect: the Metaverse is more of a robust virtual universe and so to be a part of it, everyone would have to own VR headsets. The metaverse technology will need to be seamlessly sophisticated and minimally stylish enough to interest users as much as possible.

How Does the Metaverse Technology Work?

Imagine a world designed by combining three pillars of the internet – the web portal, online multi-player and role-playing games, and immersive virtual reality. Although currently, the metaverse technology is a vision, organizations such as Facebook aim to use it for all digital activities such as working, studying, shopping, and playing. The three key aspects of metaverse are standardization, interoperability and presence.

After decades of research, it’s proven that having a virtual platform with a sense of embodiment can enhance the experience of your online interactions. Presence, in this context, is being able to actually feel the virtual space around you to have a realistic experience. This is possible through virtual reality technologies like head-mounted displays.

Interoperability is the secondary principle of metaverse; it will allow you to travel between virtual spaces or, in other words, move around the metaverse. For example, once you create your avatar, you will be able to buy goods, get services, visit buildings and even attend events from your home. ReadyPlayerMe allows users to create their avatar, which they can then use in all virtual worlds, including Zoom through Animaze. The integrated blockchain technology will allow people to use their nonfungible tokens and cryptocurrency to buy and transfer goods for financial transactions.

Standardization is essential in creating ease and efficiency for performing services and interoperability across the metaverse platforms. International organizations have already defined the standards from texting to press printing and all other common technology platforms.

1.Metaverse Facebook

Metaverse Technology - metwaverse facebook

More than a decade ago, Mark Zuckerberg created a social media platform named Facebook with the mission to connect people worldwide. Whether it was through groups on the Facebook app or multi-player games or discussion forums, Facebook has successfully connected people around the globe.

In a recent interview, Zuckerberg called Facebook not a social media platform but a metaverse company. He said that the technology (understanding metaverse) is a huge part of Facebook’s natural evolution. It allows people to connect virtually and makes it possible to move around different technologies – VR, AR, smartphones and computers.

In other words, Facebook and Zuckerberg have amazing plans to create the metaverse Facebook – a virtual space where people will be able to connect realistically. Stating his vision, Zuckerberg also said that the VR device would allow Facebook to have more superiority in enabling the social media platforms and bypassing application store fees and privacy agreements charged by Google and Apple. It is predicted that it will take at least 10-15 years for Metaverse Facebook to reach its full potential.

Although the metaverse Facebook will be an all-new ball game for tech titans and might be difficult to get used to, it is predicted to revolutionize the current standing of social media platforms.

2.Metaverse Technology | Roblox Gucci

roblox Gucci - Meta Verse

What is Roblox Gucci?

The Roblox Gucci Garden released on 17th May on Roblox. From offering different themed rooms to paying homage to the Gucci campaigns, Roblox Gucci allows people to explore and enjoy beyond the limitations of the laws of physics. Regardless of age and gender, every person can create to create their own personalized avatars. The game initiates from a virtual lobby where avatars can try, view and purchase many digital Gucci items.

All of the theme rooms inside the Roblox Gucci are designed to celebrate a Gucci Milestone. Also, the mannequins can absorb and wear elements from different Gucci exhibitions. For example, the pool room is designed to keep the success of the Gucci Cruise 2020 party in mind. Whereas the Tokyo-Tribe theme maze visualizes their distinctive and bold color fashion statements throughout the years.

For you to have a new experience every time, the Roblox and Meta Verse technology randomizes the order in which all avatars enter, and starts every Roblox Gucci experience with a blank canvas. This not only makes every experience unique, but you also get to learn and explore something new every time you enter the Roblox Gucci. More than a game, the Gucci Garden also makes it possible for you to interact and mingle with other people socially, visit new places, have adventures and even shop together.

The main purpose behind the creation of the Roblox Gucci was to use technology to bring fashion and art closer to the people; to provide people with a platform where they are free to express their style and empower them to proudly own their personalities in the real world.

Wrapping It Up!

With multiple VR and AR devices in the world, it is still unclear how a single avatar would be able to jump and move around the metaverse. Yet, a theory states that the Meta Verse, such as Metaverse Facebook and Roblox Gucci, would pick cues and links from the web browsers. This will allow your avatar to travel from one website to another and jump from one device to another. In short, there’s no doubt that the now-futuristic concept of Meta Verse will soon take over the world.

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