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    Programmer’s and developers guide to problem solving

“The biggest mistakes I see new programmers make is focusing on learning syntax instead of learning how to solve problems” – Anton Spraul

In today’s advanced world of technology, one encounters several problems, but how to solve them? It’s simple, learn to think like a programmer. This, simply said, might be too broad yet when properly done, very effective in problem solving.

The importance of problem solving cannot be measured enough, and implementing a system for the same is even more essential. You have to start by defining your framework.

Defining your framework

To each person his own way of working and thinking, no two people think the same, but an outline always helps. So how to start?

1-Understand the problem

Unless you understand them properly, all problems are super hard and unable to be solved. Make sure you understand exactly what is going on, and you can explain the issue to another person in simple English, or by drawing diagrams.

2-Plan your solution

Analyze your problem, and study all the information around you. Once done, set a step by step guide for what needs to be done in order to achieve great results and solve the problem.

3-Break it down

Look at the bigger picture, yes, it’s hard. Break down your problem, and start the solution step by step and part by part. Every small problem once solved, will help you in the next one, and after solving them all, you can now connect the dots and you’re done.

No problem is a big problem if you know how to tackle it. Be curious about every problem and how to address each one of them, solve them, and continue worry free with all your coming encounters.

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