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    The importance of a responsive web design

The importance of responsive web design

Everywhere we go we hear about web design and about the importance Of it being responsive. But what exactly is a responsive web design \ mobile friendly website?

A responsive web design is a website that is programmed to scale its content and elements accordingly with the screen size the user is viewing it on. When using a responsive web design, you will notice that on mobile devices the images are not wide and the text can be easily navigated.

Why is it responsive design so important?

In the days we have come too, we notice that a big part of research and is being done on mobiles, or even tablets Therefore a design Must appeal to both desktop and mobile viewers.

Moreover, having a responsive design for your website has several benefits:
importance of a responsive web design - Royalens

1- Cost efficiency

Rather than Paying a price of two different websites, having a responsive design Only requires you to pay a price of one website that suits all.

2- A better user experience

As you know are users experience is very important to the website’s owner and online stores, It’ll make all the difference in converting or not and on time spent on the page. Responsive web design will give your company more professionalism and thus increases the trust between a user and your brand. Which will also allow users to navigate easily and more at ease throughout the different devices, enjoying every moment spent on your website \ online store and leaving with a positive attitude.

3- A responsive design means better SEO.

If you want to rank organically without the need to resorting to Paid ads, then a responsive website is a must. Google being the most used search browser, gives high importance And better preferences to mobile friendly website.

A Responsive design might have some cons, however if done properly and in choosing a website that looks perfect on all devices due to the simplicity of it, you would guarantee having an amazing tool and providing better user experience.

Want to check your website responsiveness, check this helpful Page Speed tool by Google

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