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    Spot Design

    OUR CLIENT STORY “I love design and fabrics; it has been my area of expertise for many years! It has been my dream to create Spot Design, which can be summed up as a furniture gallery that feels just like home. Our passion has been to bring elegance, simplicity and warmth to any household.”   […]

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    OUR CLIENT STORY “My niece and I enjoy playing games every time she comes by for a visit. Bored of playing the same games over and over again, we had both wanted something new and exciting. This is when tic- tac- toe came to mind. I felt inspired to make my own version of it […]

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    OUR CLIENT STORY “Our company burgeoned from a small idea. In no time, Nizameddine co. grew to quickly become synonymous with “House of Fabrics & Curtains” and a reputable name in the field of sewing, upholstery, embroidery, and home decoration, both regionally and internationally.”   HOW WE TACKLED IT This was not our first time […]

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    CLIENT STORY Gandour was established in Beirut, Lebanon in 1857. The company started off by manufacturing hard boiled candies, loukoum and marzipan and stands today as a leader offering much more variety of products across Middle East, North Africa and East Asia.   HOW WE TACKLED IT Our job was to develop a design for […]

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    Beirut Art Film Festival

    OUR CLIENT STORY “Lebanon is a country that has been built over many generations and through the interplay of countless civilizations. Lebanon contains such remarkably diverse cultural and artistic artefacts. Through the medium of film, we work hard to ensure that the world sees how rich this small yet inspiring country is. Beirut Art Film […]

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    Studio Halloum Showcase

    OUR CLIENT STORY “My camera is my eye. My memories are stored in my photographs. If I have no photographs, I do not exist.” Our client used these words as a launching pad for their career as photographer and videographer – one who is deeply committed to spreading love and authenticity.   ITS ALL ABOUT […]

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