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    Top Tools to grow your business

Are you a new startup or an established business? Looking for ways to help you with your business positioning and productivity or simply you want to be able to simplify and manage your business better while you focus your time and efforts on growth and scaling. here are few of top tools to grow your business and top tools for business owners that could help you to grow your business.

Top Tools to grow your business

Top Tools to grow your business

1. Hootsuite

If you are looking to grow your business Hootsuite is one of the top tools for business owners, certainly your business needs to be present on social media, while social media management can take a lot of your time moving from a platform to another, Hootsuite can help you to grow your business and helps you simplify that by managing your social media accounts from one plans and permitting your employees to manage your social accounts without giving away your passwords or direct access to your social media accounts.

Furthermore, you can schedule your posts to be published according to your preferences, and access insights to monitor and evaluate your growth.

Hootsuite alternatives: Buffer, Sendible, Social Pilot, Zoho Social

2. Slack

Slack is one of the most have tools to communicate with your team, a chat solution where you can store conversation, create channels based on your business needs, find your chat logs quickly when needed. Slack can definitely help you improve productivity and help you grow your business, stay connected and communicate effectively with your team.

Slack Alternatives: Microsoft Teams, Google Meet

3. Dropbox

Sharing files can be hectic, sending back and forth emails can be too confusing as well.

Dropbox is one of the top tools to grow your business by focusing on creating folders to share files as per your needs with your employees, coworkers, customers… Keeping things organized and in place, accessible at any time anywhere and can be very helpful in avoid the hassle of back and forth emails where searching and finding any file you need no matter where you are becomes much more easier task with Dropbox.

Dropbox Alternatives: BoxGoogle Drive, OneDrive, Zoho Docs

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4. Microsoft Outlook Desktop \ Mobile Application

No matter what email service you use, Microsoft outlook is a one of the must have tools to grow your business, a powerful application that allows you to focus your emails, set folders, create rules, manage your calendar and much more and definitely is one of the top tools for business owners .

Microsoft Outlook Alternatives: Thunderbird, SeaMonkey

5. Evernote

How many times have you thought of something and did not note it and later on wished you would have done that, our best thoughts come spontaneously and from the things we notice but with the many things we have we often forget them. Evernote can help you remember and a simple note an ideas can be noted in one of those simple tools to grow your business. But how do you grow your business by taking notes? Its simple, this note that you once realized or thought of can be the key later on to help you with your business, otherwise if its not that important, you wouldn’t have noted it!

Evernote Alternatives: Google Keep, Microsoft One Note, Simplenote

6. LinkedIn

We love LinkedIn as one of the top tools for business owners! Where else would you go first if you are looking to expand your professional network, generating leads and building connections with likeminded people or individuals and companies that might have an interest in the services you provide.

LinkedIn can be a very effective and one of the top tools to grow your business and expand your outreach by connecting, sending in mails and sharing what you do with professionals, like-minded people and spread the word.

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7. Trello for Team & Project Management

Trello is a web based project and task management system with a mobile app as well. You can create task, assign tasks, add due dates, comment, attach files, follow up on tasks, create checklists, monitor progress and much more. Trello is a must have tool if you are looking for tools to grow your business.

Trello Altenatives: Asana, ClickUp

8. Facebook and the alkies for Advertising

Almost every business today needs to advertise to be recognized, otherwise it’s going to be a very hectic journey to market your business by relying on the likes of word of mouth… To get your business out here Facebook is an obvious platform with the necessity tools to grow your business and reach to new customers, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads are also very effective tool to grow your business via advertising otherwise you will be missing out on acquiring customers that might have an interest in what you provide.

9. Stripe for Payments

Accepting payments online is the convenient way today for your customers, while Stripe have many alternatives that may charge cheaper, its interface is easy to use and the platform comes equipped with the top security features, you can add customer, create and invoice with your brand logo on it and send a simple link to your customer email to quickly, securely and conveniently make the payment. Stripe is one of the must have payment gateway tools to grow your business, where it help you focus on growing your business while your invoices are easily collected online and your money automatically sent to your bank account. Furthermore, you can easily integrate Stripe with many platforms such as WordPress.

Stripe Alternatives: PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay

10. HubSpot

Whether you are looking to market your business, a CRM to manage your customer relation and sales or provide an enhanced customer service, HubSpot can help you with that and is one ot the top tools to grow your business.

Crom creating landing pages and forms, managing Ads and social media, marketing emails, user permission, live chats, sales analytics, to ticketing and much more HubSpot can help you with that.

HubSpot Alternatives: ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Sendinblue

11. TripIt

If your business requires a lot of travelling you need a tool that helps you manage your trips and track your travel expenses easily, TripIt can make sense of your travel plans, simply when you book a hotel, flight, a car or any other reservation, forward it to plans@tripit.com and it will be added to your TripIt app to gain easy accessibility to your trip no matter where you are, while if you upgrade to TripIt Pro it comes with much more helpful features like-Tracking if a better seat becomes available-getting notified if airfare price drops after you book-reminds you about check-ins-keeps track of your reward programs at one place-provide you with specific information about the country you are traveling to-Get real time flight alerts-Find other flight with open seats-Tells you when you should leave to the airport-Tells you how long it will take to get through security

Any of those TripIt features can really help you a lot, imagine that you have to think of all that, TripIt makes it easier so you can focus your time where necessary when traveling on business. Wouldn’t this be one of the helpful tools to grow your business by minimizing the time you spend on travelling matters and focusing on what matters in your business!

12. Google My Business

Your business needs to be on Google and your customers need to be informed about your business that’s why Google My Business is one of the top tools for business owners, with Google My Business you can post your business hours, your business location, and pricing, as well share images and a virtual tour which will be helpful also your website SEO.

Top Tools to grow your business

Increase your productivity using Top Tools to grow your business

13. Docracy

Need some legal docs for your business, Docracy offers you legal docs for employment contract or service agreements as well digital signing for legal documents, this is one of the helpful platforms and tools to grow your business which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of attorney fees. Nevertheless, you will still need at some point the advice of a professional but it’s definitely better than not having any contract.

14. Unsplash

Need some nice images to share on social media or use for your website, Unsplash is a free stock image website, one of the top tools to grow your business via using effective images as well saving a lot of money on stock images subscription services, you may need later on a subscription service where you can find much more images that suite your business, though for starting out or not Unsplash have a decent library of stock images for many uses.

14. Top Tools to grow your business: Canva

Canva is one of the top tools for business owners, whether doing it yourself or your employees, Canva is an online design tool, one of the top tools to grow your business via creating image design and posts for your social media and even create short videos, the way Canva works makes it very user friendly and easy for everyone to use, you simply choose a background that fits your needs, add to it text by choosing from a library of fonts and within few clicks and tweaks you got yourself an image designed, with Canva you can create basic designs, but you will definitely need a graphic designer for custom design work and artwork that requires skills… As a start Canva can be very convenient if you are posting on social channels yourself and need something that is easy, but if you need to be different then you need to hire the designers that can do the job.

Conclusion about Top Tools to grow your business

Tools to grow your business are more necessary for every business today, you do not want to open an excel sheet for everything you have, take notes on a word document and have your files saved on your email, or go and collect payments by yourself or via check deposit, almost all these tools have some free package but when you are willing to take your business to the next level it comes at a cost, a cost that is worth paying to avoid the hassle of old fashion management and focus your time on growth instead of worrying about things that you could have avoided.

Many tools can integrate together, they can give you better insights and help you grow your business by being more focused and effectively manage your teams, partnerships and customer relation.

It is worth the investment for 3 reasons, the first is making things easier for you and your team, be it working from home or office and the second is because you will get to learn new things, get yourself and your business better equipped, minimize the time and efforts on managing things to keep your time focused on what’s important, growing your business.

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