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Canva.com has been dubbed “the easiest to use design program in the world” that enables practically anybody to become a designer. If you find design to be complicated, costly and simply inefficient, this website will strip the process down to render it simple again.

What can you create, you ask? Your scope is open, from designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.

You can create beautiful designs without ever having to leave the web, all from one spot. Collaborate during the process and share your work with others once you’re done!

Best of all, it costs nothing to use this tool (or $1 if you decide to use their stock of one million images).

Discover Canva: Canva.com


Quirktools Screenfly

Quirktools Screenfly web testing tool provides an excellent way to test your web page’s responsiveness on different screens simultaneously on one screen. It displays the various results side-by-side which makes comparing and contrasting results easier. All you have to do is type in your URL into the bar and your page will appear resized below.

Discover Quirktools: Quirktools Screenfly


We call this. The digital white board. Mila note is a literal white board on your screen having specific features that include tasks, comments, boards, images and files. Its easy-to-use and organizes projects between team members which also makes the communication process a lot easier!

While there is always a room for improvement, Milanote tool is good for social strategies, brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns or designer ideas. An inspiration turned into a mood-board and projects turned into stories.

Discover Milanote: Milanote



Infographics take a cluster of data that would otherwise put the average person to sleep and morphs it into dynamic and colorful shapes! Remember: Static data is stale data.

Create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data using Infogram. Three simple steps: Choose a template > Visualize your data > Publish and share! Designed with responsiveness in mind ensuring flexibility across various browsers.

Discover Infogram: Infogram



This nifty graphic design software calls itself “the most popular free online photo editor in the world”.

With over 600 effects, layers and borders to choose from as well as other standard options such as crop, rotate and red-eye removal, this software boasts a host of editing options to create picture perfect results.

Photoshop users will find Pixlr’s interface easy to navigate since both are quite similar. Pixlr is made for iOS and Android devices.

Discover Pixlr: Pixlr



Take PowerPoint Presentation and give it a snazzy makeover. The end result? A stylish online presentation tool known as Prezi. This tool allows you to insert images, text, videos and animation into premade slide templates with a fascinating range of effects. These slides flow with exceptional beauty, giving your presentation an ultra professional feel without boring your audience. Prezi can be used as free or paid service (but even the cash-free version gives you more than you need to work with).

Discover Prezi: Prezi


InVision App

This web and mobile app refers to itself as “the world’s most powerful designing and prototyping tool”. This free wireframe or prototype software allows you to upload your static web designs to transform into clickable, interactive designs complete with animations, transitions and gestures. Swift and simple, you’ll be able to morph lifeless pages into pages that are both full of life and easy to navigate. Use the white boarding tool to collaborate and show off your work-in-progress in real time. Besides, giant companies such as Uber, Nike and Adobe have legitimized this app by using it for their own websites.

Discover InVision App: InVision App



Any web designer can you tell you this: wireframing can be challenging, time-consuming and (a little bit) boring. The beauty of Balsamiq rests in its accessibility for both curious amateurs without the skillset to work independently and more advanced designers who want to work more efficiently.

This rapid wireframing tool copies the experience of using a whiteboard on your screen. The creators promise it’ll help you to “build a user interface at the speed of thought”. Excellent for drafting speedy mock ups and experimenting with prototypes.

Start with a free trial then subscribe for $9/month or buy for $90 a year.

Discover Balsamiq: Balsamiq

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