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    What Websites Use WordPress? | 4 Most Popular WordPress Sites

Wondering What websites use WordPress? WordPress is a full-blown CMS-Content Management System, making it one of the best blogging platforms in the world. WordPress is the ultimate web domain for all, from high-traffic magazine publications to large enterprise websites to newly established, small-scale startups.

WordPress is currently being used for over 40% of all websites, yet it shows no signs of lags or glitches. Therefore, it is expected that more businesses will soon make the list of what websites use WordPress?  Read on to learn about the 4 most popular WordPress sites.

What Websites Use WordPress? | 4 Most Popular WordPress sites

On 27 May 2003, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg developed WordPress intending to create a content management system that will revolutionize the trends and directions of all websites. Their main aim was to create a platform that will make it easier for brands to digitally establish and manage their businesses.

Are you confused about what websites use WordPress?  Well, the answer is that with a fifteen-year standing in the digital world, today WordPress owns 58.7% of the market share with 75 million active websites, which makes it one of the top content management systems ever. Listed below are some of the most popular WordPress sites:

1.The Official Star Wars Blog

Star Wars is one of the most famous movie franchises that still has the power to keep teenagers locked in their room for 15 hours for a marathon. Hence, when it came to designing the Star Wars blog, the creators knew that their website should be robust enough to deal with heavy traffic every day. Hence, they used WordPress to develop “The Official Star Wars Blog.”

Being one of the most popular WordPress sites, the customized Star Wars theme (version 2.8.1) gives the fans a realistic experience that leaves them mesmerized.

Some of the other features of the WordPress website include a WP jQuery Lightbox, Panopress, Disney DoubleClick plugin, WordPress SEO by Yoast, W3 Total Cache, and the WPML plugins to give the website a fun yet informative structure. The Official Star Wars Blog has everything from episodes, games to applications.

2.Katy Perry

Did you know that the official Katy Perry website also tops the list of what websites use WordPress? (Websites that use WordPress) Katy Perry is not only a pop starring queen on MTV, but with 13 Grammy Awards and millions of fans around the globe, she is the real definition of what it means to be a sensation.

The WordPress website is user-friendly and easily scrollable. It is custom-designed to reflect the unique personality of the renowned pop star. The official Katy Perry website is a know-it-all-hub; it provides the fans information related to the top news, upcoming tours, the latest songs, top products, etc.

3.BBC America

BBC America is one of the most popular television networks. Owned by AMC Networks and BBC Studios, the headquarters of BBC America are located in New York City. Being the owner of one of the most popular WordPress sites (Famous WordPress Sites), both BBC America’s mobile app and user-friendly website are created on WordPress.

The WordPress site offers a full spectrum of the Network; this includes everything from TV Series episodes to movies to the latest news updates. Some popular and distinct features of the website include- AMcn Common Analytics, W3 Total Cache, Bbna Ie Advisory, Amcn Dfp Manager, and Bbca Livestream to keep you updated 24/7.


The 10Web being a part of the most popular WordPress sites, is a SAAS website that offers an Automated WordPress Platform to its users. It allows users to share hosting domains along with a vast range of more plugins and services. The nature of the website makes it a necessity for the organizers to keep it as updated as possible.

WordPress allows them the flexibility to add definitive detail in every upgrade that they develop. The design of the 10Web website is created following the Storybrand concept.

With a user-friendly, minimalistic, and attractive design, the website’s structure works as a guide to the users. 10Web has a Google PageSpeed Insight score of 100/100, which is only made possible due to the lightweight, well-designed templates and easily compatible plugins of WordPress hosting.

What Websites Use WordPress? (Websites That Use WordPress)| Final Thoughts

Despite the consistent evolution of technology, WordPress keeps evolving day by day. The Content Management System that is WordPress is enriched with new and updated services, themes, and plugins to keep up with the changes in the world, making it possible for you to design your dream website.

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